Forensic Watermarking

In this topic, you will get a high-level overview of Brightcove's Forensic Watermarking feature for Zencoder.


Brightcove has partnered with NAGRA to provide forensic watermarking as a feature in the Zencoder. This will help protect your premium content from piracy and unauthorized content sharing. This feature also helps to quickly identify the source of a content leak, so that action can be taken.


The following setup is needed to support Brightcove's Forensic Watermarking solution:

  1. Contact your Customer Success Manager:
    1. Enable your account for Forensic Watermarking; This is a paid add-on to Zencoder.
  2. Get your License Key from NAGRA.


To generate outputs with forensic watermarking in Zencoder, you need to specify 2 outputs per video, an output A and B. There is also a testing mode that allows you to test integrations by creating visible forensic watermarks.

Find details of the job settings in Forensic Watermarking Settings.