This topic provides details on the Zencoder API error: RTMPStreamNameAlreadyInUse.


This error means that the CDN has rejected a RTMP stream because the stream name is already in use by another stream. In other words, two RTMP encoders are trying to push to the same CDN entry point, and the second one is rejected because the first is already going.

More Information

This may mean:

  • Another Zencoder job is already streaming to this CDN stream name
  • The CDN stream name is being used by another system outside of Zencoder
  • A previous job failed to disconnect from the CDN for some reason

To avoid this issue, you can just use a different CDN stream name, or terminate any previous jobs using the same stream name. If a job fails to terminate for some reason, contact support with the Job ID and our engineering team will investigate.

Retry this job?

Jobs with this error should not be retried. Learn more about retrying jobs.