Error Codes

This topic provides a summary of HTTP status codes for Zencoder API requests and an index of error codes returned by the Zencoder API. Click on any of the error codes to see more details.

HTTP status codes

The following table lists the HTTP response code for Zencoder API requests, in the case of errors, indicates the most likely cause, where possible.

HTTP Response Codes
Status Code Probable Explanation
200 OK Standard success response for actions that do not create a new asset
201 CREATED Standard response for requests that create new assets
204 NO CONTENT Standard response for a request that returns no response
400 BAD REQUEST Invalid JSON in the request body
401 UNAUTHORIZED Missing or invalid API Key
402 PAYMENT REQUIRED Returned when an API request attempts to turn off Zencoder integration mode on an account where billing has not been setup. You should go to and choose a payment plan
403 FORBIDDEN rate limit for requests exceeded, or in response to a retry/resubmit API request for resources that have been retried too many times
404 NOT FOUND Incorrect request URL or invalid/old job ID
406 NOT ACCEPTIBLE Returned for attempting to create a non-AWS credential through the API
409 CONFLICT Generally only when trying to retry/resubmit a job that's too old
422 UNPROCESSIBLE ENTITY Returned when an API request cannot be validated
500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR Either a temporary issue with Zencoder or something wrong with the request
503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE Zencoder temporarily unavailable, probably during scheduled maintenance
504 GATEWAY TIMEOUT Returned if the Zencoder service is down

Zencoder Error codes