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    Output Settings

    This topic explains the default outputs for Zencoder jobs and the basics of defining your own outputs.

    Defining outputs

    Our default output is a single video file with the following settings:

    If you don't specify an output location, the file will be temporarily hosted by Zencoder. After 24 hours the file will no longer be available.

    Of course, you can control the output settings. To do this, pass an array of options in the API request, like this:

      "api_key": "93h630j1dsyshjef620qlkavnmzui3",
      "input": "s3://bucket-name/file-name.avi",
      "outputs": [
          "url": "s3://output-bucket/output-file-name.mp4",
          "width": "1280",
          "height": "720"

    This example will create a single output file from the original input video and upload it to an S3 bucket. You can create multiple output files from the original without having to create additional encoding jobs.

    Page last updated on 30 Apr 2022