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    Using Read-only API Keys

    Read-only API Keys can be used in situations where your API key could be exposed to others, such as in client-side code making JSONP requests to Zencoder. Read-only API keys only work with select API requests, and return sanitized information. They can not be used to create jobs or modify account settings.


    Read-only API requests are useful when making JSONP requests without exposing an API key that can create new jobs on your account.

    Compatible API Requests

    The following requests are compatible with a read-only API key.

    Sanitization Examples

    Requests made using read-only API keys will have some information removed from the response to protect sensitive information. This includes, but is not limited to, URLs (in case user name or password information is given), specific error messages, and other potentially sensitive information.

    JSONP Callbacks

    For AJAX and other public requests, Read-only API Keys can access this information using JSONP by requesting the URL with a .js extension. The response will use the progress callback unless one is specified using the callback in the query string. For example, a JSONP request for input progress with no callback specified:

          "state": "processing",
          "current_event": "Downloading",
          "progress": "32.34567345"

    Page last updated on 12 Oct 2020