This topic provides details on the Zencoder API error: FileNotFoundError.


We tried to download a file at the specified address, but no file was there. We try to download from the URL specified by the “input” setting in your API request. This error could mean that there is a typo in the input option, or the file has been removed, or a redirect loop, or something else.

In technical speak, this could mean a few things. In the case of HTTP this means that we got a HTTP response code >= 300 when we tried to download the file, except for 403, which is a different error. With FTP and FTPS this means that we received an FTP 550 response code, indicating that the file was not present or unavailable. With the remainder of the protocols this simply means the file was not found.


Make sure that the file exists at the given URL and is accessible by the user we connect as. If it doesn't exist at that location, move the file before trying again. If it does exist at that location, check the permissions of the file and whether the given user has access to the file's path.

Retry this job?

Jobs with this error can be retried Learn more about retrying jobs.