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    Using Zencoder with Azure

    Zencoder can upload and download files (blobs) from your Azure containers. The account, container, and blob details must be embedded in the URL of job inputs & outputs.

    Working with Azure


    Azure URLs must use the azure://account-name:account-key@container/blob format. The following job request shows how to reference Azure locations for inputs and outputs:

        "api_key": "93h630j1dsyshjef620qlkavnmzui3",
        "input": "azure://account-name:account-key@container/file-name.avi",
        "outputs": [
            "url": "azure://account-name:account-key@container/output-file-name.mp4",
            "width": "1280",
            "height": "720"

    The account-name and account-key should be CGI escaped. Nothing else should need to be escaped, as with other URLs in Zencoder. They can be found in the Azure management interface. The account-name is the name of the storage account (linked to region, etc). Keys are available from the bottom of the overview screen for the account.

    Each Azure account can have multiple containers. The container field in the URL must be defined and configured in Azure before it can be used in a Zencoder job.

    The blob field in the URL represents the name of the file. The blob is the only component of the URL that does not need to be configured in advance in Azure.

    Page last updated on 12 Jun 2020